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BLAST Pro Series format revealed

The BLAST Pro Series format has been revealed
The format for the BLAST Pro Series has been revealed. Photo courtesy of RFRSH

RFRSH Entertainment revealed Tuesday the format for its BLAST Pro Series Counter-Strike tournament, according to HLTV.

Competing teams will play in a best-of-one round robin, with three matches being played simultaneously. The first two rounds will take place Nov. 24 in an undisclosed location, and the rest of the tournament will continue Nov. 25 at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The top two teams of the group stage will face one another in the grand final in a best-of-three, and teams placed third to sixth will play in the BLAST Pro Standoffs, which are $10,000 winner-takes-all matches. An added benefit for the third place team is the ability for them to choose which team it would like to face, which would then decide the other matchup.

In the event of a three- to five-way tie, RFRSH will hold a Sudden Death Shootout, a series of 1-v-1 aim duels. Each team would blindly submit players that will represent the team in the shootout in a one to five order, with the first players playing a two-minute aim map duel. The player that gets the most amount of kills will get a point for their team, followed by the second players, then by the third, and will continue if needed.

If players have the same amount of kills by the end of the two minute mark, that round of the shootout will be declared a tie, and both teams will be awarded a point. If a team scores enough points that the other team cannot tie in the remaining rounds, they will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie in the shootout, each team will submit one player each for a final match, which will be extended until a winner is determined.

The champions of the event will take home $125,000, the runner ups will get $50,000, third place $25,000, fourth place $15,000, fifth place $10,000, and sixth place $5,000.

Five teams have accepted invitations to compete in the tournament: Astralis, FaZe Clan, Ninjas in Pyjamas, G2 Esports and North.

Cover photo courtesy of RFRSH


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