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Details leak of new League of Legends game mode Clash

Details of the Clash game mode in League of Legends have leaked.
Details of the Clash game mode in League of Legends have leaked.

Details of the new League of Legends game mode Clash have apparently leaked, thanks to a Reddit user who apparently tricked the Public Beta Environment client into thinking it was part of the test region.

According to the Redditor, who uploaded a full album of screenshots, tournaments, team management, and player scouting are all available features in Clash. Interested players can enter into certain tournaments, create a roster for competition, and choose a team icon. Players can be scouted and invited to certain teams for competition as detailed stats of their performances in tournaments will be available to view, as well as what looks like a buyout feature, though it’s unclear how it functions yet.

The new game mode was teased in Tuesday’s PBE update, which included images referencing Clash. A formal acknowledgement was posted by Rioter Ben “Riot Draggles” Forbes on that same day, detailing that the game mode is still a work in progress and currently only accessible to players in the Vietnamese region. But the Reddit user somehow manipulated the PBE Client into thinking the user was in that region, which led to the images.

The image assets turned out to be the icons that players can choose for their rosters when competing in tournaments, with a full set of chromas as well to help differentiate teams. According to the screenshots, certain icons will be locked off to players initially, and will presumably be unlocked through a not yet known method.

After the removal of ranked 5s two years ago, League of Legends has lacked a way for players to group together and play team-based competitive League of Legends. Clash will seemingly add a new dimension for players who wish to compete on a team level, by not only giving them a platform to play in tournaments, but by also seemingly adding mechanics that allow players to manage and create rosters of their own.


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