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Junkertown is live in Overwatch PTR

Junkertown is live in the Overwatch PTR.
Junkertown is live in the Overwatch PTR. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Junkertown, the newest escort map for Overwatch, went live Tuesday in the latest patch for the game’s Public Test Realm.

The new map was announced on Aug. 21 in a brief premier stream before Gamescom, where players who visited Blizzard’s booth were able to try out the new map for themselves. Located in the desert wasteland that is Overwatch’s Australia, the announcement animation featured the two Australian heroes of the game, Junkrat and Roadhog.

Like the other escort maps in Overwatch, the assaulting team will escort an explosive payload to the final destination disguised as a pile of riches within a set amount of time, while the defenders will try to prevent that from happening and claim victory by running the time out.

The rollout of the map wasn’t devoid of controversy, as a mis-identified sign and voiceovers of the map caused a stir last week.

D.Va’s new ability nerfed

With D.Va’s rework still in the testing stages, her newest ability, Micro Missiles, received a sizable reduction in damage. Each missile’s damage has been cut by 25 percent.

Mercy returns to being a support hero

After Mercy’s rework was announced, there was a brief period when she turned from fragile healer in the back line to aggressive DPS carry in the PTR. That was due to her new ultimate ability Valkyrie, which increased the damage and fire rate of her pistol when activated. Principle designer Geoff Goodman said the game’s dev team would look into nerfing her pistol, and that has come to fruition.

In the latest update from Tuesday, Mercy’s ultimate no longer gives her the extra fire rate and damage, but will still give the infinite ammo, giving her a decent chance of self-defense when needed.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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