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Ornn receives third round of changes in a week since his release

Ornn has been tweaked three times since being released in League of Legends Patch 7.17.
Ornn must be a headache to balance for Riot Games, as he's been tweaked three times in one week. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Ornn, the newest League of Legends champion, seems to be a headache for the balancing team, as Wednesday’s Public Beta Environment update marked his third set of changes in a week since going live in Patch 7.17.

Ornn received changes to every ability he has. The pillar that spawns when he casts his Q had its spawn time reduced to 1.125 seconds, and the changes included a small push when it spawns, displacing enemies in the immediate vicinity. The length and width of his W has increased and sets his speed to 50 percent instead of 30. His E no longer has a knock-back on charge through, and the fire elemental he summons with his ultimate now has a higher maximum speed of 1,200.

Although these are still tentative changes, they were applied merely a day after a change went into the PBE that limits Ornn’s allies from buying upgraded items until he reaches level 13. Even before that, Ornn received a slew of buffs two days after his release in an attempt to salvage his plummeting win rate, which is still sitting around 30 percent.

Although Ornn was released with much fanfare due to his unique passive and jungling potential, he has yet to find a place in the current meta, as he is pushed around by almost every role he tries to occupy.

Tristana nerfed

Tristana has quickly become a favorite of players who like the late game hyper-carry play style, but she’s a bit too strong at the moment. The bonus attack damage when her Explosive Charge goes off has been lowered from Ranks 2 to 5, taking some of the power away from it in the late game. Her ultimate also does less magic damage in the early levels.

Kalista nerfed

Kalista has made a comeback in competitive play, but Riot Games gave her a slight nerf to knock her down a peg. Her ultimate’s cooldown timer has gone up at Ranks 1 and 2, which means she can engage with or save her support a lot less often in the early/mid game.

You can block enemy emotes

Althuogh emotes aren’t part of the live patch yet, the PBE now has the option to block enemy emotes, so that players can simply ignore them.

44 new esports emotes have been added

With the League of Legends World Championship approaching, the emotes for prominent teams in each region have been added to the PBE. These will likely be available for during worlds, and will allow players to flash their favorite team as an emote in-game.


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