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Riot Games introduces the Client Strike Team to improve League of Legends client

Riot Games introduced the Client Strike Team in League of Legends.
Riot Games introduced the Client Strike Team in League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games announced Wednesday through a dev corner post the formation of a new team dedicated to improving the client based on community feedback.

“The basic idea is that this new team — the Client Strike Team — is going to knock out the biggest issues that impact players,” the post reads. “What qualifies as a “big issue”? With a bunch of areas in which we want to make improvements, and only so many hours in the day, we’re going to need to be hardcore about prioritizing fixes and enhancements in ways that maximize impact. For example, bugs in Champ Select that can potentially affect EVERYONE (a classic “big issue”) would get priority over a UX issue that impacts only a small number of players.”

As League of Legends launched a new client for the game while putting the old one to sleep, the reception of the new client by the community has been rather mixed. From technical issues — like longer load times — to the need to improve clarity in the user interface, players have pointed out the more glaring issues with the new client.

The strike team already has a list of items to consider. The first is reducing the start time of the client and when returning from the game, with some enhancements delivered in the most recent patch last week. The second is fixing crashes and bugs, which can result in unwanted game dodges for players. The third is reducing lag for the client, which affects lower-powered machines in a disproportionate manner.

The prioritization of issues will be done through player tickets and BugSplat reports that are sent when the game crashes. Community feedback through social media platforms will also still be aggregated by region, but according to the post, the best way to grab the strike team’s attention is through player tickets and BugSplats.

The Client Strike Team isn’t a permanent fixture just yet, since the team will be “stop and take a look at whether it makes sense to continue having a dedicated Strike Team at all,” since client improvements can be made by the current development team, albeit after delivering upcoming features.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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