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Loda returns to lead Alliance rebuild

Loda will return to Alliance
Loda will return to Alliance to lead a rebuild of the Dota 2 roster.

Almost three months after stepping down from the active roster, Jonathan “Loda” Berg has returned to Alliance.

Alliance announced Thursday it will rebuild its Dota 2 team from scratch with Loda as the centerpiece, while parting ways with Axel “Pablo” Källman and Adrian “Era” Kryeziu

“I have returned to the Alliance Dota squad,” Loda said in a statement. “But in comparison to last year, I will take some time to get the roster ready. Rest assured I’m extremely hungry to play some officials, but everything in its own time. I might switch to a very uncharacteristic role in order to better lead the team, but it all depends on what we will need.

“I have been away for some time, so for now I will just grind Dota. Alliance was and should be a team that wants to play with each other more than being a team solely made to win. Alliance is being part of a family. Alliance is dealing with each other’s problems because you want to win together. It might sound simple, but sometimes you do not even want to win because of whom you’re playing with.”

Loda, one of the co-owners of Alliance, was one of the core members of the Dota 2 team. As a part of the roster since 2013, Loda managed to claim a championship at The International 2013, and stuck with the team until June when he announced that he’ll be stepping down from professional Dota with Era taking his place on the team.

The once-great Alliance team struggled throughout the year and failed to make The International 7. The team parted ways with three players earlier this month.

“I was only part of the squad for three months but it did not take long for me to feel like home,” Era said in the announcement. “I wish all of my teammates the best for the coming season, where I hope to see all of them competing. Where I will end up is yet to be finalized, but this will certainly not be the last you’ll see of me.”


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