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Riot Games introduces Lag Report tool for League of Legends users to compare quality of internet speed

Riot Games introduced Lag Report to help League of Legends players compare internet speed
Riot Games' new feature Lag Report is in beta testing. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games announced Thursday a new website called Lag Report, which will act as a service that allows players to see the qualities of different internet connections to the League of Legends servers.

Riot will aggregate data from millions of players on the Europe West and Europe Nordic & East servers, according to a post on the League of Legends forums. The data points will be used to allow players to then compare their internet service providers against others in the area. The service will also give players tips to get the most from their internet connection, as well as ways to find the root cause of lag and fix it (if possible).

Players can look into the information based on the server on which they play. Upon entering account information (which can be done here for EUW players and here for EUNE players), users will be able to see their “Personal Connection Score” based on the previous games they have played.

As League of Legends is a team-based online multiplayer game, server lag has been a frequent thorn in the side of players, as it can cause spotty connections and delays between a button input and action in the game. EU West in particular has been historically plagued by poor server connections, which led to an inside joke of sorts among players. This new tool might be able to allow players to change their ISPs if they so choose, or at the very least attempt to troubleshoot any lag issues they might experience.

So far Lag Report is available in the game’s two European servers, and no information is given on the possibility of the website coming to the other regions. Any users who find inaccuracies in terms of their locations, as a result of living in more remote areas, can report issues directly in order for obtain more accurate information.

UPDATE (8:43 P.M. EST): Riot Games has confirmed to Slingshot through an email that Lag Report will be making its way to all of the other regions in the near future, with North America closely following both European servers.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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