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Team Singularity drops out of Overwatch Contenders; ChrisTFer, Kellex, and Fischer to inherit spot with new roster

Team Singularity withdrew from Overwatch Contenders
Team Singularity withdrew from Overwatch Contenders

Team Singularity will withdraw from Overwatch Contenders in Europe, as Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham, Kristian “Kellex” Keller, and Mads “fischer” Jehg will inherit the organization’s spot with a new roster.

ChrisTFer announced Thursday that after he was notified of Singularity disbanding, he and fischer talked with a member of the Singularity roster Kellex about potentially taking the spot.

“So as everyone now knows I’ll be playing this week in European contenders under the Singularity spot,” he wrote. “Earlier this week I heard about the fact that the Danish roster was going to disband so me and Fischer spoke to Kellex about potentially taking over the spot. The original roster all agreed as they weren’t going to use it. We had only a few hours to select a roster before the roster lock so everything was a bit of a rush.”

Singularity announced its disbandment Thursday, with the organization parting ways with the players “on good terms.”

“As an organization it will always be a gamble going into new esport titles, and with the structure and setup revolving around the prestigious Overwatch League presented by Blizzard, it is not an option we can pursue,” wrote Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO of Singularity. “We hope to help the talents find a new suitable home, and interested organizations are welcome to contact me or the players directly”

ChrisTFer’s team will take Singularity’s place with Kellex, Fischer, Eoghan “Smex” O’Neill, Mario “PoPiFresH” Gonzalez and Dante “Dante” Zegveld. All of the players have experience playing professionally with teams in Europe.

“This team is purely a tool for the players to stay warm on a competitive level via scrimming and competing regularly and potentially gain exposure for the upcoming OWL,” he wrote. “This means that all players have agreed that should OWL trial opportunities arise we will prioritize that for any player. That being said, the team has no relation to the Singularity organization at all, but we are not able/allowed to change the team name. So we are stuck with it.”

The newly formed team inherits Singularity’s 0-2 record and plays its first match Sunday against Misfits.


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