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Competitive Overwatch Season 6 starts today

Competitive Overwatch Season 6 begins Sept. 1
Competitive Overwatch Season 6 begins Sept. 1 Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

The sixth season for competitive play in Overwatch began Friday and will be the first one that lasts two months instead of three.

Competitive play is a game mode unlocked for players who reach Level 25 in Overwatch. Through competitive play, players will go through 10 placement matches, which place them at the appropriate rank. Players can continue to play competitive to raise their skill rating, which goes up when they win and down when they lose.

By placing high in the rankings and having a high skill rating has a number of benefits. All players are rewarded with competitive points by winning competitive games and ranking well at the end of the season. With competitive points, players can unlock golden weapon skins for the Overwatch hero of their choice. Regardless of the final skill rating of a player, competitive points will be rewarded based on the player’s highest skill rating during that season. The top 500 players of their platform and region will unlock a unique player icon.

New to this season is the possibility of demotion. If players in Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond cannot maintain the skill rating of their given rank over the course of five games, they will be lowered in rank.

Starting with this season, players will no longer be placed in a rank slightly lower than what their skill rating suggests after placement matches. Calculations of the skill rating have also been tweaked, which will increase skill rating points gained per win and properly adjust the skill rating earned with heroes who have a low win rate.

For the top tier players in Diamond, Master, and Grand Master, skill rating decay will remain but with more room to prevent it. The mandatory minimum of competitive games has been decreased to five per week, and the daily decay of the rating for those players who can’t play those games has been decreased from 50 to 25.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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