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ESL penalizes OpTic Gaming for missing roster submission deadline

ES L penalized OpTic Gaming 10 percent of its ESL Pro League prize money for missing the roster submission deadline
ES L penalized OpTic Gaming 10 percent of its ESL Pro League prize money for missing the roster submission deadline.

ESL penalized OpTic Gaming on Friday for missing the roster submission deadline for Season 6 of the ESL Pro League. OpTic was assessed one major penalty point, which translates to a 10 percent deduction of prize money it earns during the season.

“Teams are required to submit their roster prior to the start of each season, ” the ruling reads. “The league administrator sets forth a deadline for the roster submission. For the current season that deadline expired by end of day (PDT) on Aug.15. The league administration extended this deadline to end of day on Aug. 17 for all participating teams. Neither deadline was met by OpTic Gaming.”

The incident has been deemed as “a major incident” by the league’s administration, which decided to give the team a major penalty point. According to rule 8.2, major penalty points are given to teams for infractions “such as deliberately deceiving admins, failing to show up for matches, repeated rule breaking, and so on.” Each point translates to a 10 percent deduction of the team’s winnings in the season, and both penalty points and deductions can accumulate.

OpTic apparently did not announce its new roster — Oscar “mixwell” Canellas, Adam “friberg” Friberg, Aleksi “allu” Jalli, Emil “Magisk” Reif and (initially) Keith “NAF” Markovic — until after the deadline passed. The team has since added Kevin “HS” Tarn in place of NAF.

OpTic’s new European roster has caused some logistical headaches. ESL already issued an Aug. 23 ruling mandating the majority European team to produce a plan to the administration that details what the team will do to ensure that the majority of the matches for the league will be played in North America, and documentation that shows the players having permission to stay in North America in the long term. OpTic was also disqualified from two tournaments because the mass roster change broke tournament rules.


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