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Riot Games will merge IP with Blue Essence to create new League of Legends in-game currency

Blue Essence and IP will combine to become a new in-game currency in League of Legends
Blue Essence and IP will combine to become a new in-game currency in League of Legends.

Riot Games announced Friday it will remove level caps from League of Legends and combine Blue Essence with Influence Points to create a new in-game currency.

Following the update to runes in the coming next season, the current level 30 cap will be removed. A new reward system will be introduced, which gives players a “capsule” after players level up. Capsules will give players champion shards — which can be used as a way to unlock champions that players don’t have — and Blue Essence. When player hit special milestones, they will be able to get Gem Stones and rare emotes. The new system will replace the current one, which gives IP each time a player wins or loses.

Blue Essence in the current live patch is a loot-exclusive currency players can get by converting champion shards they get from the game’s loot boxes into essence. The preseason will merge Blue Essence and IP together as a singular currency. The functionality of the new Blue Essence will largely stay the same, with now the added benefit of players unlocking specific champions with a certain amount.

The capsule rewards will also adjust to fit the needs of players, depending on how experienced they are. Newer players are more likely to get champion shards to help them unlock more champions, while older players will get a better chance of customized rewards that could lead to exclusive in-game assets.

To compensate the rate at which players get essence, there will also be a rebalancing of the game’s loot system. The amount of essence players get by “disenchanting” champion, skin, and ward skin shards will be reduced. As Blue Essence can unlock Level 6 and 7 mastery tokens and Orange Essence — which players get by disenchanting skin and ward skins shards — can unlock skins permanently, the announcement urges players still holding unwanted shards to either re-roll them or disenchant them.

Any Blue Essence that players have going into the preseason will be adjusted (about 6.5 times the current amount), and champion unlock costs will stay at the current values, meaning 6,300 IP champions will cost 6,300 Blue Essence. IP Boosts will also be removed from the store, and any active boosts will convert into XP boosts in the preseason.


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