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Lunatic-Hai becomes second team to seek fan input for Overwatch League name

Lunatic-Hai is crowdsourcing ideas for its Overwatch League team name
Lunatic-Hai is crowdsourcing ideas for its Overwatch League team name

KSV eSports and Lunatic-Hai, the roster for the Seoul franchise in the upcoming Overwatch League, seeks fan input for coming up with a name for the team.

Lunatic-Hai posted to Facebook and included a link to an online form in which fans can submit the name they wish to see the team use.

“Show us your creative idea of the name of Team Seoul, and tell us your reason and the meaning of the name,” the announcement reads. “KSV and players will directly read your ideas and will select ONLY one. And the fan of chosen name will receive a prize.”

Fans can submit as many names as they wish until Thursday, as long as they limit it to one name per form. Any submissions that break that rule will be excluded from consideration. Participating fans are expected to share their emails and phone numbers, which will be used to deliver the winners’ prizes. All recorded information will be discarded when the event comes to a close.

Names must be in English, the team name must start with the word “Seoul,” and an ideal name would incorporate four of themes that the team put forth: Tribe, Brave, Swag, and Accessible.

Participating teams in the Overwatch League are compelled to create specific geolocated brands, which meant that the Seoul team couldn’t just adopt the established name of Lunatic-Hai. The commissioner of the Overwatch League explained to Sports Business Daily on Aug. 25 that the aim of the stipulation for the rule is to follow the model of traditional sport leagues.

Lunatic-Hai is the second organization to seek to crowdsource its Overwatch League name, as Cloud9 did so last week.


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