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Riot Games will refund any runes purchased during Season 7 and reimburse users with Blue Essence for older rune purchases

Riot Games will refund runes with Blue Essence
Any rune purchased during Season 7 will be refunded from Riot Games.

League of Legends players who purchased runes before Dec. 7 will receive Blue Essence to compensate for their purchases that will no longer have any use.

Riot Games announced the plan in a video Friday. Each basic tier 3 rune will be converted to 100 Blue Essence, while tier 3 quints will be converted to 300 Blue Essence each. Riot will refund any run purchased during Season 7. Effective immediately, current runes are available for 10 IP each. Any runes bought after the price drop will not be eligible for any refunds.

Rune pages will also be transferred to the new system, which means the prices for the rune pages will stay the same at 6,300 IP or 590 RP. Each rune page purchased with IP will be eligible for a 1,500 Blue Essence rebate. For each four rune pages bought with RP, players will be gifted a mystery epic skin. Each rune page players currently have will carry over, so players will not have to buy them again.

For a limited time, there will also be a “Blue Essence Store,” where players can buy cosmetic items like ward skins, icons, and chromas, which are usually purchased with RP. Some ultra-rare skins that have been discontinued — like the Urfwick skin — will also be available for purchase in this store, albeit for a steep price.

Blue Essence — a loot-exclusive currency players can get by disenchanting champion shards they get from the game’s loot boxes — will be rolled into a singular currency with IP in the preseason. The functionality of the new Blue Essence will largely stay the same, with the added benefit of players unlocking specific champions with a certain amount.

The client will also have the much requested skins tab by the end of the year, which will allow players to see the skins they currently own.

This development comes after Riot revealed in July that users who bought runes after May 21 would be reimbursed. The decision led to complaints about what would happen for players who purchased runes before that, and this seems to be a compromise.


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