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Crown on who he wants to face at worlds: “Bjergsen.”

Crown wants to play Bjergsen at worlds
Crown and Samsung Galaxy will attend the League of Legends World Championship again this year. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Samsung Galaxy mid laner Lee “Crown” Min-ho has his sights set on reigning North American League of Legends Championship Series MVP Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg.

Samsung has secured its second berth in a row to the League of Legends World Championship. In a video interview with Fomos, Crown was asked who he wants to play at worlds, and his answer was clear.

“Bjergsen,” he said with a smile. “Last year, we faced one another in the group stage, and it was a bit disappointing because we traded wins. Looking back, I wasn’t in peak conditioning back then, either. I want to improve and face him again.”

In last year’s worlds, Samsung and Bjergsen’s Team SoloMid were in Group D together with China’s Royal Never Give Up and Europe’s Splyce. Although Samsung made it to the playoffs with a record of 5-1, while TSM failed to do so with three wins and losses, TSM delivered Samsung’s only defeat in the group stage.

Crown’s alleged ailing form has been a topic of conversation going into the League Champions Korea gauntlet and now worlds. Crown said he dealt with with some problems with his performance and went as far as to say he had to go back to square one and is still in the process of brining himself back to where he was.

“At some point I was personally very nervous and unsure of myself, unable to think how I should play,” he said. “I forgot everything in the process, back to ground zero, wondering where I have to start. I felt like I was continuously getting crushed by any enemy mid laner, and like the team was losing because of me. I still have some remnants of those feelings, but I feel like I was able to overcome that difficulty to a point with more practice and the mindset of building myself back up.”

However despite Crown’s concerns, his team has more than stepped up to the plate, proving that Samsung can be a world class team. Crown told Fomos he knows the others had to cover for him, and he’s thankful.

“Starting with the regular season until now, I think that I’ve been struggling in many regards, but my teammates started to pick up the slack each time, so I’m very thankful for them,” he said.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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