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Star Guardian merch goes on sale, including figurines, clothing, plushes and pins

Star Guardian merch went on sale Sept. 7
Star Guardian merch went on sale Sept. 7. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Star Guardian merch went on sale Thursday to coincide with the release of the skins into the live League of Legends patch.

Aside from the previously mentioned mini figurines, the merch store has also added other Star Guardian merch, including clothing items, plushes, and pins. The figurines of the original Star Guardians — Lux, Jinx, Lulu, Janna, and Poppy — is a special edition purchase available for $35.

A limited edition Star Guardian Ahri miniature will be available for pre-order while quantities last. It’s separate from the collection of five miniatures that was initially announced, and will cost $10. For those fans who buy the figurine, the estimated ship date is in January 2018.

A collection of four plushes of the Star Guardian familiars are for sale for $35. The four chosen familiars are Zephyr (Janna’s familiar,) Pix (Lulu’s Familiar,) and Shiro and Kuro (Jinx’s familiars).

A Star Guardian themed unisex varsity jacket is available through the online store for $120. The front of the jacket has an emblem of five stars and the silhouette of the Elder Dragon, while the back has caricatures of Start Guardian Jinx and Lux with their names written in Japanese.

For more frugal fans, there is a collection of five different t-shirts for $30 each. Each shirt has a different member of the original five Star Guardians: JinxLuxPoppyJanna, and Lulu.

A Star Guradian notebook 3-pack is on sale for $12. The three featured Star Guardians are Ezreal, Syndra, and Ahri.

Finally, three collections of pins will also be available for purchase. Pack 1 has the first five Star Guardians, while Pack 2 has the newer ones in Syndra, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Ahri, and Soraka, and both packs will go for $30. Pack 3, which features Pix, Zephyr, Shiro and Kuro, will cost $18.


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