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More details emerge about anti-shield measures in League of Legends

The anti-shield measure in League of Legends seems real
A handful of League of Legends champions are in line for changes in Patch 7.19. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Following a brief statement from Riot Games about ways to counter shields in League of Legends, a dev corner post Friday by Andrei “Meddler” van Roon provided more details about the project.

“We’re planning to use items, rather than things like runes or champion abilities that you have to commit to as part of the game, because such effects are intended to be more like safety valves you opt into when needed, rather than things to run purely based off the enemy comp at game start,” he wrote. “Not yet certain how many items we’ll do, suspect a couple is likely, with the mechanic on them probably something along the lines of ‘deals X damage when Y happens (AA? spell?). This damage is doubled against shields’. Something to bring shield heavy teams down a notch, not serve as a hard counter, hence not going with something like ‘removes all shields.'”

Shields and heals have been a popular mechanic in the current meta, as keeping the late-game hard carries alive has been a viable strategy in the current tank meta. With the introduction of anti-shield items, it could be a useful build on the tank-busting champions, or even damage dealers who wish to eat through enemy tanks before getting to the back line.

A list of items to be monitored for Patch 7.19

Sterak’s Gage will get a buff, with a potential split between melee and ranged attacks if needed.

Zeke’s Herald will receive a currently unclear buff.

Edge of Knight will also get a buff. No details provided.

Gargoyle Stoneplate will be scrutinized if the item is too valuable for fighters.

Righteous Glory will also be probed to see if rushing it is way more powerful than intended.

Ardent Censer is getting another nerf with the potential to remove one of the three benefits that the item gives, which are attack speed, heals on auto-attacks, and extra magic damage on auto-attacks to allied champions that get healed or shielded by someone who built the Censer. The power from the removed effect will then be moved onto the remaining benefits.

Likely champion changes in Patch 7.19

Malphite — whose changes were pushed back — will receive a significant boost to his armor when his passive is still active, with some power pulled from elsewhere on his kit, most likely from his Q.

Aatrox looks like he’ll keep the PBE buff that makes his second half of Q uninterruptible with another buff to his kit.

Vayne will also receive buffs to her kit after reverts in a previous PBE update. The bonus damage on her Q will no longer be able to crit, the attack damage ratio for her Q will get a boost, and the minimum damage on her W will increase. The bonus true damage based the target’s maximum health on the third stack will get a nerf in earlier ranks, but with the same percentage value at the last rank, and her ultimate will last longer upon a champion takedown.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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