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EU LCS teams reportedly chose preliminary region preferences, Immortals looks to enter Dota 2

Our top stories from Thursday:

A brief history of G2 Esports’ rise in the EU LCS.

DreamHack Montreal is an important test for North to win a tournament when its supposed to.

Star Guardian merch went on sale, including figurines, clothing and pins.

Immortals is looking to sign a Dota 2 team.

CompLexity signed Chessie and Limmp to its Dota 2 team.

KNg will attend DreamHack Montreal for Immortals.

KeSPA partnered with a bank to help League of Legends and FIFA players organize finances.

Three new League of Legends runes include a stacking mechanic.

EU LCS teams have reportedly chosen their preliminary preferences on subregions for 2018.

Check out the Championship Ashe skin.

Fiora received another movement speed buff in the League of Legends PBE.

DreamHack unbanned match-fixers and cheaters banned before February 2015.

Blizzard unveiled an arena to host Overwatch League Season 1.

Anders and Semmler are on hiatus as a casting duo.

Crown wants to play Bjergsen in the League of Legends World Championship.

The ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier will utilize eye tracking software and advanced stats.

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League of Legends

EU LCS teams reportedly chose their preliminary preferences on regions in 2018.

Who will make it out of the NA LCS gauntlet?

SK Telecom T1 will play an exhibition match against a KPop group.

A look at the EU LCS regional qualifier.

Why some fans love to hate TSM.

Why it’s time for TSM to make waves at worlds.

An interview with Unicorns of Love manager Romain Bigeard.


TmarTn and Syndicate reached a settlement with the FTC over their lawsuit about CS:GO Lotto.

An interview with SK Gaming’s Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo.


Tickets are on sale for the Overwatch Contenders final.

A Malaysian esports organization signed an all women Overwatch team.


Smash Summit 5 is coming up.

How LIJoe’s stardom extends beyond Street Fighter.

DreamHack Montreal has some of Smash 4’s best players.


ESL Pro League Season 6 (CS:GO)


Ninjas in Pyjamas 2:0 HellRaisers (16-5, 16-6)

Fnatic 2:0 EnVyUs (16-10, 16-9)

North America

Immortals 1:1 Luminosity (FF, 6-16)

Counter Logic Gaming 1:1 Renegades (19-17, 13-16)

NRG 2:0 Ghost (16-2, 16-4)

Misfits 1:1 OpTic (16-10, 14-16)

ESG Tour Mykonos (CS:GO)

Group B

Team Liquid 1:0 BIG (16-14) 1:0 EnVyUs (16-6) 1:0 Liquid (16-10)

Group A

Gambit 1:0 Heroic (16-7)

SK Gaming 1:0 mousesports (19-15)

SK Gaming 1:0 Gambit (16-12)

mousesports 2:0 HEroic (16-7, 16-8)


(All times Eastern)


European League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

H2K vs. Splyce, 11 a.m.

North American League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

Dignitas vs. FlyQuest, 3 p.m.

ESG Tour Mykonos (CS:GO)

Group A

Gambit vs. mousesports, 1 p.m.

Group B

BIG vs. EnVyUs, 8:30 a.m.

DreamHack Montreal (CS:GO)

Group A

North vs. Gale Force, 1 p.m.

CLG vs. Kinguin, 4 p.m.

Winners, 7 p.m.

Group B

Cloud9 vs. compLexity, 2:30 p.m.

Immortals vs. Luminosity, 5:30 p.m.

Winners, 8:30 p.m.


Group A

FaZe Clan vs. Renegades, 6 p.m.

G2 vs. Natus Vincere, 7:15 p.m.

Winners, 8:30 p.m.


European League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

H2K/Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love, 11 a.m.

North American League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

Dignitas/FlyQuest vs. Counter Logic Gaming, 3 p.m.

ESG Tour Mykonos (CS:GO):


SK Gaming vs. TBD, 10 a.m. vs. TBD, 1 p.m.

DreamHack Montreal (CS:GO)

Group A

Losers match, 10 a.m.

Elimination match, 4 p.m.

Group B

Losers match, 1 p.m.

Elimination match, 7 p.m.


Group A

Losers match, 2 p.m.

Elimination match, 4:30 p.m.


European League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

Fnatic vs. TBD, 11 a.m.

North American League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

Cloud9 vs TBD, 3 p.m.

ESG Tour Mykonos (CS:GO)

Final, 11 a.m.

DreamHack Montreal (CS:GO)

Semifinals, 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Final, 5 p.m.


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