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Lag Report website for League of Legends goes live in North America

The Lag Report League of Legends tool went live in North America
Lag Report is live in a beta test in North America.

The beta test for Riot Games‘ newest support tool, Lag Report, has gone live in North America after a brief initial period in the European League of Legends servers.

Players interested in seeing how their internet service provider performs in terms of playing League of Legends can go to the website and enter the city in which they play. The search will provide a list of ISPs in the area, and players can choose to see the list in order of performance score or number of players. Small tips that can lead to more stable connections — such as switching from wifi to an ethernet connection — are also featured on the website.

If players log in with their League of Legends account information, Riot will then start to compile data regarding the performance based on the players’ locations. Players will be able to find more precise scores for the specific service in their gaming area of choice through a “Connection Score.”

Players can also compare ISPs side by side with more specific metrics such as average latency, packet loss, and jitter.

Lag Report aims to give players a transparent look at the performance of their individual ISPs for playing League of Legends. By using data points collected over a 30-day period, the website is designed to give an evaluation to the player and even offer some solutions to get rid of lag, if possible.

Players can offer feedback to Lag Report on the accuracy of the metric provided through a link on the website. Players seeing incorrect locations from where they play can provide feedback in order to more accurately display their locations.


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