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Overwatch players were reassured all duplicate loot box drops get credits

Overwatch players should be reassured about loot box drops
Overwatch players should be reassured about loot box drops. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

A Blizzard support forum agent went to task to tell Overwatch players that there has not been a single case in which players receiving a duplicate item from a loot box were denied credits.

An Overwatch player wrote on the official Overwatch forums they encountered a number of times where they would receive items they already own in Overwatch, but the game didn’t change them into credits as is supposed to happen. A support forum agent Drakuloth made a thorough reply Thursday, looking into the issues and saying that there is no detected bug so far.

“We still have no confirmed cases of situations where a duplicate was received and credits were not granted,” Drakuloth wrote. “Thus far, it’s all been misremembering the details. Keep in mind that there are about 3,000 unlockable items in the game right now. It’s extremely hard (I would go so far as to say impossible for most of us) for our minds to keep track of that many things at once, especially when we consider that some items are only available for some characters, and some are available for all characters. Fortunately, we’ve got logs on our end that can confirm this.”

The agent then addressed some of the incidents where players claimed to have endured that sort of bug, explaining that they didn’t get duplicates based on the in-game logs, but rather a mix of misunderstandings and faulty player memory. It is possible a bug like that could exist, though, so it’s important to let Blizzard know so any issues can be probed.

“We’re still investigating the possibility of a display issue causing these not to show up in the collection properly, but everything I have on my end still points to this just being our brains expecting something incorrect and receiving something else, then worrying about the progress,” the agent continued. “Again, remember that this is a LOT to keep track of for people, and most of us don’t think about things we aren’t specifically hunting until we receive them (such as a particular skin for Soldier that we really like).”

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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