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Cloud9 and Fnatic qualify for worlds, Immortals forfeits map in DreamHack Montreal final

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Madlife had high praise for Bdd upon his first impression.

Overwatch players were reassured duplicate loot box drops are credited.

The Lag Report beta went live in League of Legends’ North American server.

TmarTn and Syndicate reached a settlement with the FTC.

More details emerged about the anti-shield measures in League of Legends.

Riot Games revealed the talent lineup for the League of Legends World Championship.

SK Telecom T1 will play a show match with a KPop band.

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League of Legends

Cloud9 and Fnatic became the final two teams to qualify for the League of Legends World Championship.

An interview with CLG’s Omar “OmarGod Amin.

Would Invictus Gaming do better at worlds than Team WE?


DaZeD assembled an ESEA MDL team.

Immortals and kNg are under criticism for conduct at DreamHack Montreal.

An interview with compLexity’s Alec “Slemmy” White.

An interview with CLG’s Stephen “reltuC” Cutler.

Interviews with Liquid’s Peter “stanislaw” jarguz and Mousesports’ Oskar.


Former TNC coach Kpispul joined Vega Squadron (Dota 2).

NuckleDu said he will donate his DreamHack Montreal winnings to a Hurricane Irma relief fund.

N0ne won DreamHack Montreal (Super Smash Bros Melee).



European League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

H2K 3:0 Splyce

North American League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

FlyQuest 3:0 Dignitas

ESG Tour Mykonos (CS:GO)

Group A

mousesports 2:0 Gambit (16-14, 16-14)

Group B

BIG 2:1 EnVyUs (8-16, 16-7, 16-6)

DreamHack Montreal (CS:GO)

Group A

North 1:0 Gale Force (16-14)

Kinguin 1:0 CLG (16-4)

North 1:0 Kinguin (16-11)

Group B

Cloud9 1:0 compLexity (16-5)

Immortals 1:0 Luminosity (16-5)

Immortals 1:0 Cloud9 (16-13)


Group A

FaZe Clan 1:0 Renegades (16-9)

Natus Vincere 1:0 G2 (16-10)

FaZe Clan 1:0 Natus Vincere (16-6)


European League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

H2K 3:2 Unicorns of Love

North American League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

Counter Logic Gaming 3:1 FlyQuest

ESG Tour Mykonos (CS:GO):


Team Liquid 2:0 SK Gaming (16-12, 16-10)

Mousesports 2:1 (14-16, 16-6, 16-14)

DreamHack Montreal (CS:GO)

Group A

CLG 2:0 Gale Force (16-9, 16-6)

CLG 2:0 Kinguin (16-10, 16-11)

Group B

Luminosity 2:0 compLexity (16-13, 16-10)

Cloud9 2:0 Luminosity (16-12, 16-5)


Group A

G2 2:0 Renegades (16-9, 16-2)

G2 2:0 Natus Vincere (16-12, 16-14)


European League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

Fnatic 3:0 H2K

North American League Championship Series (LoL)

Regional Gauntlet

Cloud9 3:1 CLG

ESG Tour Mykonos (CS:GO)

Mousesports 3:2 Liquid (16-8, 5-16, 16-9, 13-16, 16-4)

DreamHack Montreal (CS:GO)


Immortals 2:0 CLG (16-14, 16-10)

North 2:0 Cloud9 (16-6, 16-11)


North 2:0 Immortals (1-0, 16-2)


(All times Eastern)



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