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New Yorick and Singed skins coming to League of Legends

New Yorick skins and new Singed skins are coming to League of Legends
Singed is one of two League of Legends champions getting new skins. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

New skins for League of Legends champions Yorick and Singed will soon enter the game’s Public Beta Environment, according to two Instagram posts from the game’s official account.

The new skin replaces the ghoul-summoning undertaker with an angelic figure, clad in golden-white armor. His ghouls have also received a makeover, and the summon for his ultimate, the Maiden of the Mist, has become an angel instead of a featureless ghost. It looks like the spell and sound effects have all been changed for the new skin, with an added custom recall animation.

Yorick has been largely forgotten despite his rework last year, as the¬†only two skins available are Gravedigger Yorick and Pentakill Yorick. Many players often complained about the release schedule for Yorick, as he is the only champion to exist since 2011 with no new skins. The two skins he does have¬†were added in the same patch he was added¬†to the game — June 22, 2011 — so the newest Yorick skin will end the six-year skin drought that plagued Yorick mains.

The new Yorick skin was announced along with the Beekeeper Singed skin, which was also shared through Instagram.

Like the new Yorick skin, Beekeeper Singed also has new spell and sound effects, as well as a custom recall animation. Unlike Yorick, however, he’s had¬†a steady release of new skins, with a Snowday Singed exclusive skin in 2013 and the Black Scourge Singed skin last year.

The skins are expected to hit the PBE soon, and the price points for them have not yet been announced. Another new skin for Cassiopeia, Eternum Cassiopeia, was already added to the PBE last month and is expected to be released soon.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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