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PGL ditches ridiculous tiebreaker rule after Fnatic ousted from Dota 2 Minor qualifier

PGL changed its tiebreaker rule after Fnatic lost in a dumb way
PGL changed its tiebreaker rule after Fnatic lost in a dumb way

Fnatic was the odd team out of a three-way tie during the qualifiers of the PGL Open: Bucharest because the games it won took too long.

No, really.

Fnatic was part of Group A in the qualifiers with Mineski, HappyFeet, and Clutch Gamers. With the round robin ending with a three-way tie of 2-1 between Mineski, Fnatic, and HappyFeet, Fnatic’s carry Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao tweeted Monday the team was left out of the playoffs because of “time rating.”

The term meant teams that won their games in a shorter time frame would advance in the event of a tie. With Mineski and HappyFeet winning in fewer than 40 minutes, and Fnatic’s first game lasting more than 60 minutes and its second one lasting longer than 50, its final win to force the three-way tie was essentially meaningless.

In a statement to JoinDOTA, a representative from PGL explained that the bizarre rule was set in place for the sake of running tournaments on schedule.

“We used that rule in order to reduce the chance of tiebreakers because the schedule is impossible, too many qualifiers taking place in the same time,” the representative told JoinDOTA. “All teams knew about the rules before the qualifiers and they agreed to them. When we scheduled the whole thing and set the rules, there were multiple other qualifiers from other upcoming events and we had to make a decision to make sure our qualifiers will end in time.”

The rule was so poorly received that PGL already ditched it as a tiebreaker for the qualifiers in China, North America, South America and the CIS regions.

This was Fnatic’s first event since acquiring EternaLEnVy and Johan “pieliedie” Åström after they parted ways with Cloud9 last month. Mineski and HappyFeet will move onto the playoffs of the qualifier, where the top team will able to compete in the second Dota 2 Minor of the new season.


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