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New Overwatch map Junkertown will be added Sept. 19

Junkertown, the new Overwatch map, will go live Sept. 19
Junkertown, the new Overwatch map, will go live Sept. 19. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

The new Overwatch map Junkertown will be added to the game Sept. 19, as revealed in a video Tuesday by Blizzard.

The new map was first teased in an animated trailer before Gamescom. Players that went to the Blizzard booth during Gamescom were able to play the new map first-hand, and the map was added to the Public Test Realm on Aug. 30 for more players to experiment.

Tuesday’s video also included a more detailed introduction of the “Queen” of Junkertown, which has garnered a lot of attention from Overwatch’s fanbase. Her origins are ties to a gladiatorial arena in Junkertown known as “The Scrapyard,” where she proved her mettle through combat and rose through the ranks with her charismatic personality. Other details regarding her true name or how she governs Junkertown are still shrouded in mystery.

The reason why Roadhog and Junkrat were wreaking havoc to steal as much riches as possible is also due to being kicked out of Junkertown for an undisclosed reason. The payload made up of all the riches the two Aussies accumulated over the years in an attempt to win the favor of the Queen, while also delivering an explosive message for kicking them out.

The map will start from the outskirts of Junkertown from Roadhog’s farm. The assaulting team will then escort the payload into Junkertown proper, ending at the Scrapyard. As an added strategic element to the map, there is a shortcut that can either connect the assaulting team to the final point or allow the defending team to move to previous choke points for a flanking position. As a single team fight or ultimate can change the flow of the map entirely, the shortcut is likely to be heavily contested.

Other upcoming changes like the reworks for D.Va and Mercy were added to the PTR Patch 1.15 with Junkertown, and presumably they will be applied to the live patch at the same time.


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