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Prices and exclusive content revealed for League of Legends’ Blue Essence store

Prices and content in the Blue Essence store were revealed Tuesday
Details about League of Legends' Blue Essence store have been revealed. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Details regarding the purchasable content in the Blue Essence store, which will be open for a limited amount of time during the League of Legends preseason, were revealed Tuesday in a dev corner post.

As the current IP held by players will be rolled into Blue Essence in a conversion rate of one-to-six, and old rune purchases will be subject to refunds, many players will find themselves flush with essence. The Blue Essence Shop will give those players a chance to spend their excess essence for some limited time exclusive goods. Following is a list of all the purchasable items in the store.

  • 1,500 essence will buy a mystery icon box guaranteed to be an icon the buyer doesn’t already own.
  • 2,000 essence will buy Chroma variations of certain skins, including Chromas that have been available for at least six months.
  • 2,500 essence will buy the exclusive “Mystery Mini” Icons Box, which will have icons featuring Twisted Fate, Miss Fortune, Lux, and Morgana.
  • 3,950 essence will buy a mystery champion guaranteed to be one the buyer doesn’t already own.
  • 4,900 essence will buy a mystery ward skin box which guaranteed to be one the buyer doesn’t already own.
  • 6,000 essence will buy an exclusive rune ward skin.
  • 50,000 essence will buy the “Make it Rain” emote in the new emotes feature.
  • Players can buy Gem Stones for 50,000 essence for the first one, 75,000 for the second, and 100,000 for the third, limited to three purchases per account.
  • 150,000 will buy the legacy URFWick skin for Warwick, which will be exclusive to the Blue Essence Store.

The store could be a recurring event, as Riot Games has contemplated bringing it back “at least once a year.” Although it’s too early to say what exclusive content will be available in future editions of the store, it will include unique things like the rune ward skin and emotes, according to the post.

The purchased URFWick skin will be a 2017 edition with slight variation to the base model. The players who also bought the URFWick skin when it was initially available will get the new skin for free, keep the old one, and unlock a unique border when loading in with the skin.

Players who owned any of the special legacy runes or spent at least 125,000 IP on runes will be rewarded with the rune ward skin without having to actually buy it from the store.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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