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Three newest League of Legends runes targeted for tank champions

The newest League of Legends runes are geared for use by tank champions
The newest League of Legends runes are geared for use by tank champions. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Three new runes targeted for use by tank champions were revealed Wednesday as part of League of Legends’ ongoing runes rework.

The first rune is Perseverance, which gives players a 25 percent boost to tenacity and 25 percent more slow resistance for 10 seconds after they use a summoner spell. On top of that, the player also gets a 10 percent boost to their armor and magic resist per summoner spell that is on cooldown. The rune is designed to be a combat-oriented choice, as it can be utilized well in team fights, where high amounts of damage can be dealt to the front line. But it could also easily be an escape mechanism for not only tanky top laners, but also for tanky supports in response to a gank from the enemy. With Flash being the default escape tool for players, the added reduction to crowd control effects and boosted tank stats could be a good response to ganks and tower dives, keeping the player alive for much longer.

The second rune is Demolish, which allows players to charge up high damage attacks against enemy tower over four seconds while they are within 600 range of the turret. The charged attacks will deal 375 plus 20 percent of the champion’s maximum health, which can be quite a bit in the late game with some items. This is another rune that is designed for split-pushing tanky top laners, boosting their pushing power because building combat stats on them doesn’t complement what they do for the team.

Like Perseverance, the usefulness of Demolish could also translate to tanky supports, as choices like Braum and Alistar could accelerate the tower-pushing process with their AD Carry. As the damage is dealt in a window of time rather than a set amount of attacks, tank champions with built-in speed steroids like Trundle will benefit from Demolish.

The third rune is Font of Life, which marks an enemy champion when their movement is impaired by the player with the rune for four seconds. During that window of time, ally champions that attack the marked enemy heal for five plus one percent of the rune holder’s maximum health, which will become a large amount in the late game.

Tank options with crowd control like Nautilus, Cho’Gath, or Mundo will be able to heal their allies in crucial team fights, as landing the crowd control effects on the enemy front line will allow more than one ally to heal themselves. Supports that take the rune will also be able to turn trades to their favor, as the AD Carry will be able to get back some of the health that they take, and tanky supports with crowd control want to land their abilities anyways. The rune holder can also benefit from the healing effect, but the healing is reduced to a third.

Riot Games has been in the process of overhauling the runes system in League of Legends by combining them with masteries and making them free. News about some of the new runes have tricked out in recent weeks. One will affect flash, while another allows players to go into gold debt to buy items. Another rune enhances a player’s attacking ability, while one lets players throw a meteor at the opponent’s head. Another one, Guardian Soul, allows players to shield allies by right-clicking them.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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