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Expession retired from professional League of Legends

Expession will retire from professional League of Legends
Expession's career highlight came during the Season 3 World Championship. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Gu “Expession” Bon-taek announced Sunday he will retire from professional League of Legends after a five year career.

“To be honest, it was upsetting that I wasn’t able to show good form for some time, but I still think that I had a fun time during the past five years,” he wrote. “There were trying times and disappointing times. At some points it was enough that I didn’t want to even look at LoL, but I am thankful for it because it’s the game that made me who I am today and because it created a chance for me to have fans that follow me. I want to thank all the players that I’ve played with before, and to all the coaching staff members that I’ve worked with.”

Expession started his career as the top laner for Najin Shield in 2012 and made a name for himself as a lane-dominant player with champions like Jax and Irelia, netting himself the nickname of “Lu Bu” in Korea. He briefly switched his position to the mid lane, but still managed to have carrying performances, solidifying his role as the hard-carry of his team.

He joined Najin Black Sword in 2013 as the top laner and reached the semifinals of the League of Legends World Championship. Against eventual world champion SK Telecom T1 in the semifinals, Expession played a large role in taking the match to a full five-game series by carrying Game 1 as Jax and besting Jeong “Impact” Eon-young’s Shen as Renekton in Game 3. Although Najin lost the match, Expession still left a strong impression to the global viewer base as a strong contender of the best top laner in the world.

His 2014 season was less than impressive, though, showing holes in his decision making and Teleports that always came a couple of seconds too slow. Expession then decided to take time off for about a year until he joined Incredible Miracle — which would later become Longzhu Gaming — in 2015. Although he started to bring up his performance a bit in the 2016 summer split and the most recent spring split, it was too little too late, as the rest of the team was proven to be too heavy for him to handle.

It looked like Longzhu and Expession mutually parted ways as Kim “Rascal” Gwang-hee and Kim “Khan” Dong-ha were added to the team for the summer split. Expession later revealed the organization failed to pay players on time, and he was owed tens of thousands of dollars.

Expession apologized Sunday to his fans for being “unable to show better performances because I couldn’t take it,” that he realized he “didn’t experience many things in life,” and that he wants “to live a (more) fun life going forward.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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