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FaZe Clan has a target on its back

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

With FaZe Clan dominating ESL One New York, the players have created a target on their collective back. So the question now is who is gunning for them? I don’t think Astralis has the form to fight FaZe head-to-head. Liquid got murdered, but that felt more like inexperience and a systemic team breakdown. I’d like to see that rematch in a best-of-three that’s not in a final, though I think it still favors FaZe. North’s new form looks promising, but not enough to convince me that they could beat FaZe right now.

In the end, I think it comes down to two teams: SK Gaming and G2 Esports. SK themselves have problems, especially with fer not getting the usual insane impact kills, but as a unit SK never lost to the previous iteration of FaZe. On top of that, SK has the personnel to adjust things. The team is loaded with aggro players who can be stars so they can switch the priority from fer to either felps or FalleN if they wanted to (though that would take some work). And even though SK is struggling, Coldzera is still a god.

The team with the best chance is probably G2. I think man-for-man I still favor FaZe over G2, but G2 can have the best player in the server with kennyS. G2 has shored up a bunch of weaknesses since the player break and I think they can really test the limits of this FaZe roster.


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