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Art student shares astonishing design of Thai Overwatch hero

A concept for a new Thai Overwatch hero came from an art student
A Thai art student designed a concept for a new Overwatch hero. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

A popular fan design for a new Thai hero in Overwatch has gone viral and even caught the eye of game director Jeff Kaplan.

The artist, who goes by “Purrfait” in Overwatch, is apparently a computer art student in Thailand and shared the hero design, which was their masters project, on the game’s forums. The hero is named Tara — which means “water” in Thai — and has her nationality represented through her design, much like many of the existing champions. With the main theme based off the Siamese Fighting Fish and the Thai native bamboo plated fish, Tara is a support hero that can put enemy heroes in a bubble and can send out a fish-shaped drone to heal allies in an area.

Purrfait shared a PDF of her project, which had an impressive collection of art work from the hero, her weapon, concepts behind her abilities, skins and the palette swaps for her skins. It also included a concept for a brand new map in the artist’s imagination of what Thailand would look like in the Overwatch universe. Each piece of artwork is accompanied by references and each stage of the process of how the final product came to be.

The post — which garnered a lot of attention from the Overwatch fanbase — quickly took off, and even had a response from Kaplan, who praised the artist’s work in a reply to the forum thread.

“Wow, this is amazing,” he wrote. “You are so talented!”

Tara comes at a very opportune time, as there community has been clamoring for a new support hero that can heal allies. As the support hero choices have been quite stagnant in the game, a new choice like Tara who can do both individual crowd control and give healing could serve to be the kind of hero the players have been waiting for.


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