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Bad behavior in Overwatch can get players automatically muted on Xbox Live

Overwatch players who behave poorly can be silenced in Xbox Live
Overwatch players who behave poorly can be silenced in Xbox Live. Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Overwatch players in bad standing in the Xbox One version of the game will not be able to utilize in-game voice communication, as released in the game’s latest patch notes.

When a player is reported through Xbox Live repeatedly, their account is labeled as “Avoid Me.” In the newest Overwatch patch, players with that status will be able to remain in the same matchmaking pool as the rest of the player population, but they will be unable to use the in-game voice communication system that is built for teams to coordinate their play.

The change is a response to the trend of players using the in-game voice feature to harass players on their own team with abusive language. Players still have the ability to mute individual players in all versions of Overwatch, but it’s often not used because it’s deemed to be inconvenient.

The “Avoid Me” status is a feature that is linked with the Xbox Live service, independent of any games that have an online feature on the console.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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