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Apply Kobe’s take to participation awards

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

Every once in a while, someone will award a player or a team an award that makes no sense. In terms of accomplishments or results, there isn’t any conceivable way you could spin it to say this person or team deserved an award. I’ve thought about why these awards do it because as a competitor, it must feel demeaning and insulting. That the award commission had to bend over backward to give it to you sort of implies they think that you will never be able to get it any other way. I’ve seen it happen with Thorzain in StarCraft 2, where he received an award for MVP Proleague because he happened to be a foreigner who beat a Korean early on.

Kobe Bryant’s kids once received a participation award, and his advice was to put it where you could see it everyday so that you’d be motivated enough to never have to get such an award again. So I suppose it could be a good thing.


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