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New “Hold to Boost” feature could be added to Overwatch’s D.Va

D.Va could get a new feature thanks to a forum post
D.Va could get get a simplistic feature added. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

With D.Va changes coming out in the latest Overwatch patch notes, she could also soon receive a new feature that acts like Soldier 76’s sprint.

A post discussing D.Va’s boosters on the official Overwatch forums gained traction Wednesday, as the poster asked for a quality-of-life adjustment for the tank hero. D.Va now has the ability to shoot her primary weapon and her new Micro Missiles while she’s boosting forward, allowing her to pin down enemy support heroes like Ana or Mercy. But her booster — which lasts two seconds — can be canceled only by making a second button input for the boosters before the duration is over in order to prevent over-shooting past the intended target.

The proposed change would  allow players to be able to maintain the boost by holding down the input rather than having to cancel it with a second input, much like Soldier 76’s sprint. That allow D.Va players to more accurately turn the boosters on and off, with less room of error. Lead designer Geoff Goodman briefly jumped into the thread to say that the change could indeed be implemented.

“We can add this,” he wrote. “Thanks for the suggestion.”

This isn’t the first time that Goodman would respond to opinions on the forums with suggestions on how to adjust heroes. He previously responded to a player’s idea on how to address the Concussion Mines, which resulted in a buff for Junkrat‘s ultimate ability, Rip Tire, and a two-charge system for his mines in order to boost his mobility.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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