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Riot Games reveals missions and loot for League of Legends World Championship

World Championship missions are available in League of Legends
Riot Games revealed missions for the League of Legends World Championship. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games announced Thursday the full list of weekly missions and rewards for the League of Legends World Championship.

Now through the finals, players will get access to missions that can be completed for worlds tokens or cosmetic items like emotes or summoner icons. Some missions will be available throughout the event, such as winning a certain number of match-made games, and there will also be weekly missions with much more specific goals. Some of the more interesting weekly missions include winning two games while dying seven times or fewer, or delivering three killing blows to enemy wards. It’s important to note that weekly missions can only be done while the player is equipped with a worlds icon.

Players can also purchase a Worlds Master Pass, which unlocks additional missions to give players a chance to win more tokens. Just like the regular weekly missions that every player can access, the extra missions also presumably expire at the end of each week. The price of the master pass will decrease with each week as the tournament progresses.

Worlds orbs will also be available for purchase with tokens, which are exclusive during worlds. The most basic worlds orb will have a random skin shard with a chance to drop another orb, Gemstone, or Hextech exclusive skin shard as a bonus, while the Legacy Worlds Orb will have a random legacy skin shard with a chance to drop another orb, Gemstone, or Hextech exclusive skin shard as a bonus.

The following is the full list of rewards that players can get with worlds tokens, which last in each player’s loot tab until Dec. 4.

  • 15 Blue Essence for five tokens
  • One key fragment for 20 tokens
  • One worlds orb for 80 tokens
  • One Legacy Worlds Orb for 100 tokens
  • Championship Ashe icon and loading border for 120 tokens
  • Championship Ashe golden chroma and golden championship ward for 320 tokens (this will be only unlocked by doing extra missions by way of the Master Pass)

Completing all available missions would earn players 175 tokens, while doing all of the extra missions from the Master Pass would net another 560 tokens. From Oct. 24 through the end of worlds, players can further bolster their tokens by purchasing Hextech Chest and Key bundles, with one giving five tokens, a set of five giving 25 tokens, and a set of 10 giving 55 tokens.


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