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Watch Faker and Sky play Ring Around the Rosie with a turret

Faker and Sky had a fun game of Ring Around the Rosie during a practice League of Legends match
Faker and Sky played Ring Around the Rosie with a turret. Photo courtesy of Riot Games

A GIF of SK Telecom T1 mid laners Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Lee “Sky” Ha-neul playing against one another in the mid lane surfaced on Inven’s League of Legends forums, and it was perhaps the most entertaining exchange in League of Legends history.

Faker (LeBlanc) is clearly down in health and mana while Sky (Galio) carefully chased Faker around to deal enough damage to kill him and get out of turret range without dying. But in true Faker fashion, he leads Sky by the nose around the turret and picks up the kill anyways.

Vintage Faker.


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