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PUBG overtakes Overwatch in PC Bang play rates

PUBG is No. 2 in Korean PC Bang play rates
PUBG overtook Overwatch as No. 2 in PC Bang play rates. Photo courtesy of Bluehole.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATLEGROUNDS (PUBG) has overtaken Overwatch as the No. 2 game in PC Bang play rates, according to a weekly report by Daily eSports.

Based on the average gameplay rates from PC Bangs for the past week collected by Gametrics, PUBG came in at 17.53 percent, beating Overwatch by almost 2 percent, and trailing only League of Legends (25.9 percent). PUBG had steadily gained on Overwatch for the past couple of weeks, as it moved into third place three weeks ago. This is the first time Overwatch has been lower than second since its release last May.

Overwatch’s rise in popularity coincided with the game challenging League of Legends for the top spot in Korean PC Bangs and ultimately claiming No. 1 on a few occasions before League of Legends’ dominance resumed. Overwatch, once the new shiny toy in the gaming world, is now being challenged much in the same way it pushed League of Legends in terms of popularity last year.

Highly praised for its incredibly competitive game play and entertaining premise, PUBG has gained traction worldwide but especially in Korea as a competitive game even casuals can enjoy. As the game demands a certain level of hardware specifications to run well, it has become popular game for those PC Bang patrons who don’t have a rig at home that can handle the game.


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