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Janna, Azir, and Xin Zhao updates will go live in League of Legends Patch 7.19

Janna, Azir and Xin Zhao updates all go live in League of Legends Patch 7.19
Janna is one of many League of Legends champion updates in Patch 7.19. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Updates to Janna, Azir, and Xin Zhao will go live Wednesday in League of Legends Patch 7.19 and are almost identical to changes already reflected in the game’s Public beta Environment.

After a small number of tweaks to his updated abilities, the long-awaited changes to Azir that are designed to make him less mobile will go into effect from the Sept. 13 PBE update.

Xin Zhao’s update was initially discussed two months ago and was applied from the Sept. 12 PBE update. The update had the goal of making Xin Zhao stand out more as a unique champion in the game, and gives him a new set of tools to dive the enemy back line and survive.

As the community clamored for a nerf to Janna as the most passive yet effective support champion in the meta, Riot nerfed her laning power in the PBE for testing. The changes have the goal of increasing “skill-expression” with her active abilities, and a couple of changes were added in the PBE to give some strength on her auto-attacks, which reward more aggressive lane harassment.

Aatrox finally received changes, as he is now unstoppable on his way down after jumping into the air with his Q, and the auto-attack range increase with his ultimate was finalized to be 225 after the balance team toyed with the range multiple times before it went live.

Caitlyn‘s Q now deals more damage to the enemy units behind the first unit it makes contact with. Some of her base stats were tweaked, and her traps received changes that alter her late-game strength on her basic attacks.

The experimental Malphite changes that were pushed back from the patch cycle for 7.17 will be applied in 7.19. The passive effect of his W will triple his bonus armor value while Malphite’s champion passive shield is still up, which also makes the active effect of his W deal more damage.

Orianna‘s abilities will now be much more reliable with a new quality-of-life change to how her abilities work while her ball is moving. Her W and her ultimate will not only activate at the destination, but also after the ball stopped moving. This will stop any mistaken casts that activate her damaging abilities before the ball reaches the player’s intended target area.

Although there were supposed to be no more changes to Ornn in patch 7.19, he did receive slight buffs that reduced the mana costs for his Q and E and gave him a higher base health value.

Vayne‘s small gameplay update will also go live in Patch 7.19, which changes the damage output for her Q and W and allows her to sustain the duration of her ultimate by four seconds when an enemy champion dies within four seconds of being hit by Vayne.

The cooldown timer on Veigar‘s W will be reduced by 10 percent for every 50 stacks of his passive, making it a more reliable damaging spell as the game progresses.

Ardent Censer, perhaps the most hated item in the game, will be changed. Shielded or healed allies will no longer have health drain, but instead gives bonus on-hit magic damage that scales based on the level of the champion. The player who did the shielding or healing will share the benefits of the item’s passive, creating a window of time when support champions get more attack speed and bonus damage for advantageous damage trades.

Bramble Vest is now more expensive, with a cost of 1,000, and does a reduced amount of reflective damage to enemy units that attack the wearer. But the item that the vest builds into — Thornmail — has an increased armor value of 80 to make the upgrade worth the nerf to the vest.

Righteous Glory was previously on Riot Games’ watch list for being a bit too gold efficient, so the cost of the item increased to 2,650 gold.


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