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TaZ appointed as in-game leader of

TaZ will be in-game leader of
TaZ will assume in-game leading duties for Photo by Helena Kristiansson/ESL.

It has become time for Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas to once again take the reigns as in-game leader of‘s Counter-Strike team.

The team announced Tuesday TaZ would take over the IGL duties from Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski, who announced last week he would step back from the role. TaZ and Filip “NEO” Kubski have largely held the role in the past.

“As of now the in-game leadership ultimately comes back to Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas,” general manager Roman Dvoryankin said in a statement. “Snax was still leading the squad during New York and Atlanta, and it has been a challenging transition period for us. It was a crucial and vital experience for Janusz, and I would like to thank him for his work on behalf of the organization. Right now the guys will work hard on preparation for WESG national qualifiers. I’m sure that next month at EPICENTER we will all see the team we have been missing lately.”, perhaps the streakiest team in Counter-Strike, is in the midst of another rut. The team failed to get past the group stages of ESL One Cologne, DreamHack Malmo and ESL One New York, which sandwiched a semifinal appearance at the PGL Krakow Major in July. also did not make it out of Group C of the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier last week.

In an interview with Slingshot at ESL One New York, TaZ said changing the in-game leaders isn’t always a cure-all remedy, but it’s clear that’s the direction the team has no decided to go.

“There were some miscommunications (in New York), but I don’t really think its only about in-game leading,” TaZ said. “There are many other things. Talking about changing in-game leading is putting everything on one person, which is stupid and a thing people like to do. This connects to everything. This connects to how the individuals play. This connects to how the team prepares. But it’s never one person.”


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