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Swain and Aatrox are next in line for League of Legends champion updates

Swain and Aatrox champion updates are coming to League of Legends
Swain is the next League of Legends champion in line for a rework. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

With Evelynn’s rework revealed Tuesday, Swain is the next League of Legends champion in line for a large scale visual and gameplay update, followed by a gameplay update for Aatrox.

According to the champion update schedule from Riot Games, Swain will be the next champion to receive a full-scale rework like Evelynn (and previously Urgot) received in recent months. Swain was one of the original champions in League of Legends and has repeatedly moved in and out of the meta. He had a slight gameplay update last year in Patch 6.9 The changes were fairly small, as his mechanics were mostly left the same while some of the abilities received new effects.

After Swain comes Aatrox, one of the game’s most infamous champions. Like the recent update to Xin Zhao, Aatrox will be receive a smaller gameplay update instead of a complete rework. If the Xin Zhao update is any indication, a re-imagining of Aatrox’s abilities isn’t out of the question, as Xin Zhao received a new ability as well as an added effect on his ultimate to augment his play style.

As the Xin Zhao update was added to the game Wednesday in Patch 7.19, and Evelynn just went into the Public Beta Environment, the effectiveness of their updates remains to be seen. Ideally, Swain and Aatrox would find their own places in the meta and receive steady play after the updates.


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