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There will be fewer League of Legends champion reworks for the rest of the year

Fewer League of Legends champion reworks are coming
Reworks like Evelynn's might be less frequent for a while. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

After the recent reworks to Xin Zhao and Evelynn, Riot Games will put less time into gameplay updates going forward, according to a dev corner post Friday by Andrei “Meddler” van Roon.

“For a little while (approximately the rest of the year) we’ll be putting less time into gameplay updates like Xin Zhao’s or Azir’s and a lot more into getting pre-season ready and then balanced once it’s out,” he wrote. “We’ll get back to gameplay updates at around the same speed sometime early next year, but expect to see fewer of those for a bit. VGUs (the large updates) by contrast will keep going at their usual speed, given the folks working on those aren’t generally involved too much with pre-season.”

Riot has reworked Warwick, Galio, Urgot and Evelynn this year and updated the mechanics for Xin Zhao, Janna, and Azir. The next scheduled updates are for Swain, who will get a rework, and Aatrox, who will receive a smaller update more in line with Xin Zhao’s.

Updates to Build a Rune page website will be slightly slower than the PBE

As steady updates to the new rune system come to the Public Beta Environment, the Build a Rune page website will be a bit behind in terms of updates. The testing is the higher priority, and the steady updates will be able to give players enough of an idea what kind of rune pages they will want to make.

Balance changes in patch 7.20 and 7.21

Changes in the next two patches (7.20 and 7.21) will be closely related to the new runes. Small tweaks are for the long term rather than the next few weeks. Evelynn might be impacted by this, being stronger or weaker in the next few weeks than she will be in the long term.


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