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H2K calls for Riot Games to provide EU LCS teams an additional $7.6 million per year

H2K Gaming called for more help from Riot Games for the EU LCS in an open letter to the League of Legends community
H2K called for Riot to subsidize EU LCS teams.

H2K Gaming called for Riot Games to subsidize teams competing in the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS) with an additional $7.6 million (€6.5 million) per year in an open letter Thursday to the League of Legends community.

“To make it succeed, with the existing teams (“legacy teams”) no longer subsidizing RIOT, and to have their committed involvement in Europe, it merely requires RIOT to provide the legacy teams collectively with a guaranteed yearly increase of approximately €6.5 million,” the letter reads. “The legacy teams should be the beneficiaries of such guaranteed support because of their prior multi-million dollar investments in the EU LCS, their continuing branding and promotion of League of Legends, and the commitment of many thousands of hours of management and owner time to the success of the teams, players and the EU LCS. Of course, should it occur, all 24 teams in the restructured league will participate in revenue sharing.”

As an added way to increase revenue to subsidize teams, H2K suggested Riot to allow EU LCS fans to design and purchase one skin for each spring and summer split. H2K also stood firm regarding its previous stance that it would leave the EU LCS if conditions did not improve.

H2K has been consistent in voicing concerns about the EU LCS structure, as it previously said the team has operated with large financial losses as a part of the LCS. The EU LCS will reportedly change its format, splitting the league into four regions with six teams each and giving participating teams permanent licenses to compete.


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