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Blizzard’s statement 5 months later Pt. 2

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

Here is the second part. For the Richard Lewis report, go here. For the ESPN report, go here. For the blizzard statement go here.

This is about this quote from the blizzard statement: “Finally, it’s important to think twice about statements from unnamed sources, who may try to leverage the media to deliberately spread misinformation as bargaining tactics or for other competitive reasons.”

This was in response to Richard Lewis reporting that some spots were being valued as highly as 15 million at the time. As we know later on, it was a conservative price at OWL spots now run at 20 million as seen from this recent report from ESPN.

As it turns out we didn’t need to think twice because Richard Lewis and Jacob Wolf were spot on.


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