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Chinese League of Legends pros apparently call Lucian “Obama”

Apparently Chinese LoL pros refer to Lucian as "Obama"
Apparently Chinese LoL pros refer to Lucian as "Obama"

A small clip show from Kang “Cpt Jack” Hyung-woo’s most recent stream shared how the pros in China refer to certain champions without saying out their full names as they are in the game.

As Cpt Jack was appointed as the coach for Vici Gaming in the middle of the League of Legends Secondary Pro League summer split, he explained that he didn’t have a lot of time to really learn the language, but was able to pick up some words here and there. According to Cpt Jack, Chinese players have a unique way of addressing champions in the game without saying their actual full names, opting to use nicknames.

“I needed to learn champion nicknames in Chinese, because the players won’t refer to them with their English names,” he said. “What I’ve learned is that Gragas is called ‘Booze Barrel.’ Cho’Gath was very meta at the time, and he was just called “Big Bug,” like literally a big bug. They just say ‘give me Big Bug.’ They just called Lucian ‘Obama,’ which kind of dumbfounded me. They literally tell the Korean players on the team ‘give me Obama’ during drafts. ”

The last example seemed to have caused some suspicion, as the stream’s chat was apparently filled with viewers doubting Cpt Jack, and he quickly said that it was something Chinese players said as a whole, not just his team. He continued that what he said was what he heard, insisting that it was not just a team nickname.

Vici Gaming was relegated after the 2017 LPL spring split, but had a great summer split in the LSPL with a record of 18-4 and re-qualified for the 2018 season after winning the playoffs. Cpt Jack was a previous professional player for Longzhu GamingĀ and had joined the casting desk for SpoTV last year.


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