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Jeff Kaplan bans player from Overwatch forums for 30 days for saying the balance team needs to be replaced

Jeff Kaplan banned an Overwatch 30 days for saying the balance team needed to be replaced
Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has apparently had enough criticism about the game’s balance and banned a player 30 days from the Overwatch forums for saying the entire team needed to be replaced.

A player by the name Deventh posted on the Overwatch forums about the game’s balance, saying that the game’s current state is “outrageous,” and that “The balancing team needs replacement.” Kaplan didn’t take too kindly to the comment and in reply to it banned the player for a month.

“Make a productive post either clearly stating an issue that you’re having or make a productive suggestion,” he wrote. “We won’t tolerate demands of ‘people being replaced’ on these forums. See you in 30 days.”

The most recent cause of forum outrage comes after the change to Mercy in the Public Test Realm, which changed how her ultimate augments her Resurrect ability. It no longer gets a cooldown reset nor a shorter cooldown while her ultimate is active, causing many players to complain that the nerf was overcompensating.

The balance team has been under fire as of late, to the point that Kaplan felt the need to address the criticism last week. Perhaps Kaplan levying the ban hammer against a user will result in others cutting the balance team more slack.

UPDATE (10:40 a.m. Friday): The story has been updated to clarify the player was banned from the Overwatch forums, not the game. The headline has also been updated to reflect the change.


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