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The new runes have been removed from the League of Legends PBE

New runes have been disabled in the League of Legends PBE for now
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The updated rune system and new runes have been temporarily removed from League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment, though they’ve also received changes for the next patch cycle.

Press the Attack, a Keystone Rune that does more damage each time a player attacks the same enemy champion, now does true damage when hitting the same enemy champion three times, and increases the damage dealt by all sources for six seconds.

Coup de Grace, which gives a boost to attack damage or ability power after a player takes down a champion, now can only be stacked once.

Last Resort, which allows a player to deal bonus damage when under a certain health percentage, activates when under 60 percent health and deals a scaling amount of damage depending on how much health is left starting from 5 percent.

Lethal Tempo, a Keystone Rune that increases the attack speed of a player beyond the game’s capacity, has a higher cooldown timer of 10 seconds.

Overheal, which converts heals that go over maximum health into a decaying shield, now allows allied heals to contribute more by 300 percent.

Demolish, which allows the player to deal more damage to structures for a set amount of time when near one, has a lower base damage of 125, but a higher bonus damage modifier based on health percentage ratio of 30 percent and a lower cooldown timer of 45 seconds.

Phase Rush, which gives players a burst of movement speed after attacking an enemy champion with three unique attacks in two seconds, had its base speed boost increased to scale from 20 to 50 percent.

Nullifying Orb, which gives a player a shield that negates a certain amount of magic damage when under 30 percent health based on the player’s attack damage or ability power stat, now goes on cooldown when the shield starts. The base shield value also went up to 40-120, and the AD ratio of the shield is now 0.15 of the total attack damage.

One champion change

The mana cost on Evelynn‘s Q was reduced by 15 points at all ranks.


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