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Get it together, Valve

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

After the ELEAGUE Major was announced for January in Boston, Valve also announced the entire qualifier circuit that always happens right before the event. It starts in days.

The scheduling problem is absurd. As far as I know, the process to becoming a CS:GO Major is as follows: You book the event months to an year in advance. So do all of your competitors. You then pitch your idea to Valve and they decide which one will be the Major.

The problem with this system is that Valve is indecisive or incompetent. I can’t tell which one. They either a) Took fucking forever to decide which one they wanted to go with or b) Picked the one they wanted to go with, but decided to not tell anyone.

In either case, the consequences are the same. Because all of the events are stacked near each other, they naturally collide with the qualifier circuit leading up to the Major. This means that teams that have made prior commitments must cancel them if they wish to have a chance to be at the Major. If this was only affecting the players, I’d say fair enough. It’s a competition and that’s the price they pay for losing last time. But this also effects the tournament orgs that now have to scramble for replacements and the talent who are in the exact same position as players, where they have already planned out the year, but now have to cancel/renege on contracts if they wish to be part of that process.

Get it together, Valve.


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