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Teaser for new Victorious skin posted on League of Legends Facebook page

The newest Victorious skin was teased on the League of Legends Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Riot Games/Facebook

A teaser for the newest addition to the Victorious skin line in League of Legends was posted Friday to the League of Legends Facebook account.

No details were shared other than the image, which looks like a male champion with a mustache of sorts holding a gun based on the silhouette. Only a few champions in the game fit that description, chiefly Graves, while some fans are theorizing that the skin will reveal what Jhin looks like under his mask.

The Victorious skin line has an annual release each season, one champion each year. The skins are unlocked as part of the reward system in the game for players of a certain rank or higher. So far, every League of Legends player whose ranking is in the Gold tier or above is able to get the Victorious skin as part of their reward package

So far, the Victorious skins have gone to Jarvan IV, Janna, Elise, Morgana, Sivir and Maokai. Whatever champion the skin turns out to be for this year, there will no doubt be a mad dash of players attempting to reach that ranked milestone in order to attain the newest skin.


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