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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

“What’s your agenda?” is a meme from the FGC. It was spawned when Sabin took a picture comparing the lines between a MvCi booth and a Dragonball booth. John D, the Capcom guy at the time, then tweeted “what’s your agenda?”

It quickly blew up as a joke as all he had done was taken a picture. While a funny joke in and of itself, it’s a common trend I’ve seen in esports subreddits, particularly Overwatch right now. Whenever someone does an investigative piece like Richard Lewis or Thorin, one of the first things I read is how they have an agenda to see Overwatch fail. This despite the fact that both have publicly stated in videos that they want Overwatch to succeed as it is good for all other esports.

On a personal level, people assumed I hated Parting when I wrote the GOAT list in SC2 as he didn’t make the top 15, despite the fact that Parting is my favorite Protoss player ever.

I don’t know if it’s a broader cultural context where people assume others have an agenda (certainly enough conspiracy theories out there to fuck with the mind) and are just applying it everywhere they can or if it’s because it’s something they disagree with that they go out of their way to look for an agenda to try to invalidate it. (I assume this is what happened when the tweet posted by winz happened where they shit on him as a player and a person).

I won’t say there aren’t people who say or do something without a specific agenda in mind, but that shouldn’t effect the strength of their argument in either way. No matter who says 2+2 = 4, the logic of that statement will be true regardless of where it comes from. Try to look at the strength of the argument first before asking, “What’s your agenda?”


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