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Riot Games teases Death Sworn Viktor skin on League of Legends Instagram account

A new Death Sworn Viktor skin was teased for League of Legends
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games teasedĀ a new Death Sworn Viktor skin Tuesday through the League of Legends Instagram account as part of the Public Beta Environment preview.

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PBE Preview: Death Sworn Viktor #talesfromtherift

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The skin has a new model, visual, sound, and spell effects, and a custom recall animation. The hextech technology-based look for Viktor has been traded in for a more fantasy-inspired motif complete with a magical circle, floating third hand, and red hood.

The skin isn’t part of any obvious skin line that already exists in League of Legends, but it is reminiscent of some of the recent spectral-themed skins, such as Soulstealer Vayne and Soulstealer Vladimir. With the latest tease for Viktor, the next skin in line looks like it’ll be for Illaoi, based on a developer post on the state of skins five months ago, which specified new skins for Cassiopeia, Yorick, Viktor, and Illaoi (and the others have happened at various points of the year).

The tentative pricing for this new skin has yet to be announced, but based on all of the added bells and whistles it looks like it’ll be at least 1,350 RP ($10) orĀ perhaps even 1,820 RP ($14).


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