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Riot provides context for massive number of League of Legends champion changes ahead of new rune system

Riot Games explained all the champion changes ahead of the rune update in League of Legends

With a stunning number of League of Legends champions receiving balance tweaks ahead of the new runes system going live, Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon explained the process Tuesday in a dev corner post.

“In particular, we’re not trying to offer every champion the same gold value of extra base stats,” he wrote. “What we are trying to do is give each champ what they’ll need to be successful post runes changes. Based off how other changes impact them, champs may need more or less base stats added than others to put them around the same spot they were before. Magic damage dealers, for example, benefiting from MR removal from old runes effectively gain extra power that way, even if they’re not directly getting extra stats. Some champs may need much more specialized adjustments, whereas others may be fine with just a bunch of armor. Some champs will also benefit more from the new runes system than others.”

The first round of changes will go live in Patch 7.22. With those as a basis, more polish will be added to the game after the champion balance is observed. Players should anticipate there being “some champs that have a rough time ” for a short period, but fixes will applied at a good pace.

Riot admits that Ardent Censer should have been nerfed earlier

After being considered a broken item for a while, Ardent Censer maybe should have been nerfed earlier, Meddler said. At the bare minimum, the balance team will be assessing the item in Patch 7.21 and again after the preseason begins.



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