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CS:GO needs a new map, not another rework

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

While many people are excited of the rework of Dust2, for me it raises a bigger question. Why is it so hard to make a new map for CS:GO? I don’t consider reworks to be new maps, just alterations of old maps. Why not just make a completely new map from the ground up? There isn’t a problem with this in a game like StarCraft 2, and though it is easier in the sense that it is a 1-v-1 game, that game also has to balance for six different matchups.

I feel like even a game like Dota 2, which only has one map, has gone through more changes than the various reworks of the map pool in the last year or two. With Dust2 done, it’s time to stop reworking maps and time to start making new one (or at least reintroduce old maps that have never been used in CS:GO).


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