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A fix is coming for ‘heavy’ feeling Lucio in Overwatch PTR

Lucio will receive a fix in the Overwatch PTR
Photo courtesy of Blizzard

An error in the Overwatch Public Test Region has caused Lucio to feel “heavy,” according to some players, and unable to jump as high as he should.

According to a post on the Overwatch forums, Lucio has had a difficult time gaining some upward altitude since changes were applied in the PTR. To get the same height, he needs more wall jumps that are closer together, as Lucio drops quite quickly after getting off of a wall.

Principal designer Geoff Goodman replied to the thread and said the problem stems from a botched implementation of a change in the PTR, and a fix is on the way soon.

“We’ve increased the boost he gets off walls, but there was an extra vert component that wasn’t increased proportionally so thats probably why he feels heavy,” he wrote. “He isn’t getting as much lift as before. We’re going to do another PTR patch today. I’ll see about getting this vert boosted as well.”

Lucio’s unique wall riding ability is what makes him such a mobile support, allowing him to also reach far parts of the map by maintaining the momentum when jumping off of a wall. A heavy Lucio goes counter to his role, so the new boost off of walls will be able to give him some added benefits in terms of assisting his team.


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